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How to Search a Text/String in SQL Stored Procedure

Recently I found a problem with Symmetric Key, fixed it in one of the stored procedures. I had to find similar problem in all Stored Procedures in the database, had to search for a string all the Procedures. Following query … Continue reading

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Correct ARITHABORT settings to address SQL Error 1934

Problem: I was trying to add new users to the database using a SQL job which use to fail with Error 1934, but when I run the same command on SQL Query Window there was no error. Following is the … Continue reading

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Performance Tuning – Wait Queues

Understanding waiting time of sql requests provides great information while troubleshooting performance issues. The white paper provides insight into possible performance problems and troubleshooting methodology. I like these 2 stored procedures described in the article: track_waitstats_2005: get_waitstats_2005:

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How to find all user created Stored Procedures in a database

My developer was looking for all stored procedures, I just used following simple query to find the results… but it included few non-user developed stored procedures I had to do some research to eliminate ms shipped and microsoft_database_tools_support type procedures. … Continue reading

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Error: 18210, Severity: 16, State: 1 – Error after DBCC Command

Problem: Frequent Severity: 16 errors are listed in SQL Error logs which occur after a DBCC command (Ex: Error: 18210). Sample Error: 2014-01-15 13:44:22.49 spid70 DBCC CHECKCATALOG (xyz) executed by DOMAIN\user found 0 errors and repaired 0 errors. Elapsed time: … Continue reading

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Windows Azure Pricing and portal information

Windows Azure Pricing information – Updated: 2016/02/15 Old portal is @ New portal is @ Note: Credit information is not available in new portal, check old portal for credit pending information.

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