How to find all user created Stored Procedures in a database

My developer was looking for all stored procedures, I just used following simple query to find the results…

select Name from sysobjects where type = 'p'

but it included few non-user developed stored procedures

I had to do some research to eliminate ms shipped and microsoft_database_tools_support type procedures. Following is the updated query for quick reference.

select SCHEMA_NAME(sao.schema_id) + '.' + as StoredProcedure_Name from sys.all_objects sao (nolock)
left join sys.extended_properties ep (nolock) on ep.major_id = sao.object_id
where sao.type = 'p'
and sao.is_ms_shipped = 0
and isnull(,'') <> 'microsoft_database_tools_support'


Note: exec sp_stored_procedures lists all the procedures available on the database

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