SQLServer-SSIS-Wrong execution status- MaximumErrorCount

I was investigating abnormal behavior of SSIS package, the package completed successfully but failed to complete actual dataflow task. MaximumErrorCount value was the culprit, its value changed from 1 to 1000!

Changing MaximumErrorCount value from 1 to X indicates SSIS Package to ignore X-1 failures and throw the error on xth failure.

MaximumErrorCount parameter can be effectively used while processing multiple files, to ignore one of the failure and continue to process other files. But we can configure an alert to trigger @Event Handler to handle one failure;

Good article about handling SSIS Errors: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Integration+Services+(SSIS)/93432/

SSIS Package completes with wrong execution status
Dataflow failures are ignored in SSIS result
How to continue SSIS Package after errors

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