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Basics of Big Data – Hadoop

I have been coming across multiple articles related to Big Data for long but I was keen to understand basics of Big Data. Following articles are good place to start with:–part-1–introduction-to-big-data/–part-2–overview-of-big-data-architecture/–part-3–overview-of-hadoop/–part-4–introduction-to-hdfs/ [2014-05-09] Updated with new link: … Continue reading

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Task scheduler – Event Log Trigger – Include Event Data in mail

In first part of this article I cover how to edit the existing Task to send Event Details but I will skip basics of Task creation. Step-1: Create a Job which will trigger on an Event during specific condition Step-2: Right Click … Continue reading

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Bug report / Feedback to Microsoft

Ever thought of reporting a Bug or providing Feedback to Microsoft? You can do so for specific products at

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SQL Data Compare Tool

Last week, I was working on merging the data (multiple tables) between 2 SQL Servers, I had to analyze number of rows which are identical on both Server, which are only in one of the Server and which are different. … Continue reading

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Network Command utilities – ipconfig arp route ping tracert netstat nslookup

Listing frequently used Network command line utilities • Ipconfig o Used to view TCP/IP configuration o Example: IPconfig o Example: IPconfig /all o ipconfig /flushdns <> o ipconfig /renew << • ARP o View and manage the ARP cache (Address … Continue reading

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Server local connection provider has stopped listening on [ \\.\pipe\SQLLocal\MSSQLSERVER ]

I come across following errors on Dev SQL Server 2005 over the weekend. The issue occurred first time in last 4 months, is not repeated in last few days! I am not taking any action as this is not occurring … Continue reading

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