Network Command utilities – ipconfig arp route ping tracert netstat nslookup

Listing frequently used Network command line utilities

• Ipconfig
o Used to view TCP/IP configuration
o Example: IPconfig
o Example: IPconfig /all
o ipconfig /flushdns <>
o ipconfig /renew <<

o View and manage the ARP cache (Address Resolution Protocol)
o Example: arp –a <>
o Example: arp –r * <>

o Display and manage the routing tables

o check connectivity between two devices
o Example: PING –T destination to repeatedly ping until I manually stop
o Example: PING –n 100 to ping 100 times
o Example: PING –a IPADDRESS

o Displays full path from source to destination
o Example: TRACERT destination

o This is a combination of PING and RACERT. This will show additional statistics

o Network statistics will be displayed. Displays all the connections from the server to any other server
o Example: NETSTAT –R <>
o Example: NETSTAT –an <>

o NetBIOS Statistics

o Can be used interactively or non-interactively
o Used to address DNS issues

o This is similar to MSTSC , used to remotely login into a different computer

o Used to copy filesdata from one server to another

o This can be used to modify network configuration settings using script

o This needs an additional installation but this is most powerpul tool to drill down any network problems to packet level

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