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Session reset – Log off other user on remote server

It is always a good practice to log-off session from remote server after completing the work. At times users miss to log off their session from Windows remote server not allowing other users to login into the Server. You may … Continue reading

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Knowledge Share 2014-04

In SQL Server 2014, you can have 8 secondary replicas, it was 4 in SQL 2012 Ref: What’s New (DB Engine) SQL Server 2014 – What is Cardinality Estimation? This is new feature in SQL Server 2014: The cardinality … Continue reading

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How to send sql mail from personnel account

In this blog, I am would like to explain the setting required to configure SQL mail to send SMTP mails using account. For additional information about the configuration, please refer: You may use different accounts to send the … Continue reading

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Long running job monitor – Alert

I have created this script which will monitor long running jobs and alerts the analyst. One advantage of this custom script is to find threshold dynamically using job history! – Vijred

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SQL-dependency analysis-Identify impacted modules

I am sharing this script which will help during dependency analysis! One of the table needs to be updated in my database, I had to identity all the Views/ Functions/ Procedures along with the usage stats which will be impacted … Continue reading

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SQL Server Deadlocks

I had been talking about deadlocks few hundreds of times, worked on it few tens of times, questioned in most of the interviews. I will give an attempt to document Deadlock basics in this Blog! By Wiki definition, deadlock is … Continue reading

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SSIS – Connection Manager – Dynamic Connection string – Connection String with date and time

This Blog explains how to dynamically generate Connection string! I had a requirement to push the data to a file in specific folder but the file name should contain Date and Time. To address the requirement, I had to generate … Continue reading

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