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My Experience while fixing Corrupted SQL Server Reporting Services…

I had to fix a corrupted SSRS instance on a development server, had to research different scenarios and end up re-building new instance. Some useful information worth sharing! • Installation Bits: It is good practice to identify installation bits from … Continue reading

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SQLServerCentral script library in SSMS

Now, you can search for scripts in SQL Server Management studio. the add-on is very good. Only Challenge I see is the performance as of now, hope it will be addressed soon! Reference: -Vijred

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Knowledge Share 2014-05

* Function to convert a list into a table (Collected this piece of code from my Colleague, Satya Addala) * Computed columns can not be altered but needs to be dropped and re-created * Caution while creating DDL triggers, specially … Continue reading

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Free Pluralsight course on Blogging, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow, User Groups and Conferences

This course inspires you to Inspire, advertise yourself and help you to grow in your career! I went through this course, found it useful! created my new account on Github and StackOverflow… I am already using Twitter and WordPress 🙂 … Continue reading

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Started using Virtual Box

Recently I have started using Virtual Box, this is beautiful. you can find more information @ -Vijred

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Hands-On Training Lab for SSIS -Vijred

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Blocking Monitor and alert

I have created following blocking monitor which will monitor and alert if threshold is crossed. We can pass the parameters when the alert to be triggered (Number of blockings and number of seconds the blocking persists). I have configured a … Continue reading

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