My Experience while fixing Corrupted SQL Server Reporting Services…

I had to fix a corrupted SSRS instance on a development server, had to research different scenarios and end up re-building new instance. Some useful information worth sharing!

• Installation Bits: It is good practice to identify installation bits from your Service desk. If not able to find appropriate bits, download it from msdn subscription (
• If you install .iso file, you may have to use virtual CD or any other 3rd party tools
• How to fix Corrupted installation: Open Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> SQL Server -> Change -> Select the instance and repair
• Installing new Instance (this is the other option I have used as I was not able to fix the corrupted)
o During the installation, if you are not able to fix corrupted instance install it with new name
• How to open SSRS Configuration Manager
o All Programs -> SQL Server -> Configuration Tools -> Reporting Services Configuration
o SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Reporting Services Properties -> Configure
• Configuring SSRS (, )
o Server status -> Status of Windows Service
o Reporting Server Virtual directory
 Actual Folder will be available at location but Virtual directory can be created
o Reporting Manager Virtual Directory
 Actual Folder will be available at location but Virtual directory will be created which can be used later as http://servername/virtualDirectoryName
o Windows Service identify
 Allows to change the Service account used to run Windows service
o Web Service Identity
 This indicates the Application pools used by each virtual Directory and Identify used by App Pool of Reporting Server. This can also be changed
o Database Setup: Indicates the database Reporting Server should be pointing to
 Existing database can be used or new database can be created
 Note: If there is an error (Ex: The database version (C.0.8.40) does not match your reporting services installation. You must upgrade your reporting services database), make sure you install latest SP after installing Reporting Services (My DB Engine was running in SQL Server 2005 SP2, I had to install SP2 on new SSRS instance to fix the issue).
o Email Settings: Configure Sender Address and SMTP Address to compelte Email settings configuration
• Note: If you are not able to browse reports (Example Error: A name was started with an invalid character. Error processing resource ‘http://localhost/reports/), make sure that you select latest ASP.NET version. (run -> inetmgr -> Properties Virtual Directory -> ASP.NET Tab -> Select latest ASP.NET version). You may have to run (aspnet_regiis.exe -i) command to fix

Other useful information related to SSRS
• While copying reports from one server to other, I used tool. This can also be used while taking the backup of reports before making any change.
• Using Forms Authentication in Reporting Services:

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