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Incremental statistics – New feature in SQL Server 2014

Incremental Statistics is one of the new feature added in SQL Server 2014, let us have a quick look to understand this feature! Statistics is one of the important criteria to be validated during performance analysis as improper statistics directly … Continue reading

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Data Profiling Task / Data Profiling Viewer

Data Profiling is one of the options for data analysis, this also helps to identify few data specific problems. This is one of the interesting option to explore while analyzing the data… an XML can be generated only using SSIS … Continue reading

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Knowledge Share 2014-06

• Can I change SQL Server Name/ Instance Name: o Yes, you can change SQL Server name. Especially when you rename your server name, it is good option to change your SQL Server name. o is the article which … Continue reading

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A required privilege is not held by the client. The step failed. – SQL Job Fails with error – Solution

I was aware of the best practice to use SQL Server Configuration Manager instead of using MMC Console but faced this error for not following the best practice. Well, I had to change the Logon account of my SQL Server … Continue reading

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How Statistics impact the performance of SQL Query

In this article I will run through a simple demo which explains how STATISTICS impact the performance. During this Demo, I will use the Number of Logical Reads as performance indicator (More Logical Reads indicates Performance Degrade) Created a new … Continue reading

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Kill windows process only if it is running – using tasklist, taskkill together – DOS Command

During maintenance activities at times we need to kill a process/task only if it is running. it is a little complex to identify when the process/task is running. Following simple script helps to do so in command prompt or batch … Continue reading

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SET STATISTICS IO ON and SET STATISTICS TIME ON are beautiful ways which can be used while performance tuning individual queries. SET STATISTICS IO ON Enabling STATISTICS IO is very informative as it displays Scan count, logical reads, physical reads, … Continue reading

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DevOps into Business

Referring to ( tweet, I have read an interesting e-Book about DevOps. It is interesting, thought worth sharing some information! • What is Devops by definition? DevOps (a portmanteau of development and operations) is a soft-ware development method that stresses … Continue reading

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