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Microsoft Virtual Labs – TechNet Virtual Labs

Microsoft Virtual labs are created and managed by Microsoft which can be used to test new products without installing. Most of the virtual labs are scenario based, you will be able to login into specific Server which has required product … Continue reading

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Talend Admin – Change Auto Refresh frequency

Talend Administrator/Viewer/Operation manager/Designer can be used for various purposes. One of my team member is accountable monitor the success/failure of Talend jobs every 6 hours! In addition to being a manual task the execution plan pane use to refresh every … Continue reading

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User Access Automation during database restoration

I would like to share user access automation scripts during Database restoration I have performed earlier this year. This script is most customized for user access management when database is restored from production to Dev/UAT environment. We restore multiple databases … Continue reading

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Knowledge share 2014-11

Traceflag 3226: In my production environment, we take transaction log backups every 10 minutes for all 40+ databases. There are thousands or Successful backup messages in my logs which is very annoying. SQL Server 2008 introduced traceflag 3226 to disable … Continue reading

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