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How to find Active connections in Windows/NLB/Server

I am trying to club independent requirements in this blog but I hope it will be handy! • NETSTAT Command: I use this command to identify network connections established between my Server/Machine to different Servers/Sites, netstat –nb is one of … Continue reading

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PowerShell ISE in Windows 8

PowerShell ISE is installed by default in Windows 8 but I was not able to find. After some basic research, I found PowerShell ISE is considered as Admin tool and is disabled by default. All you need to enable the … Continue reading

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Manage Azure using PowerShell commands

Edit Last time when I tried to use PowerShell to manger Azure account there were multiple problems but Azure is getting robust and it seems to be simple and straight forward now. • Install: You can install Azure Command-line interface … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure enhancements – 2014 December 11 – SQL 2014 Features and Compatibility

Azure enhancements released are huge and touching multiple services like Premium Storage, RemoteApp, Database etc… I am impressed with SQL Database enhancements! * Performance: Significant improvement to performance compare to existing offerings, support for In-memory columnstore queries. * Large Database … Continue reading

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Talend… I am liking it 

Going through week long Talend trainings, definitely the product is great than I expected! Few advantages I consider: • Can scale from small data to any size • Supports multiple platforms • Open source data integration software Go explore more … Continue reading

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