Manage Azure using PowerShell commands

Edit Last time when I tried to use PowerShell to manger Azure account there were multiple problems but Azure is getting robust and it seems to be simple and straight forward now.

• Install: You can install Azure Command-line interface for windows at ( -> Azure command-line interface -> Windows Install)
• Open Microsoft Azure Powershell
• Provide credentials
o Add-AzureAccount is the commands which will accept credentials and you can use it
• You can connect to different subscription if your account has access to multiple subscriptions
o You may use following commands to check the account, view and connect to different subscriptions
 Get-AzureAccount: To see the credentials used to connect
 Get-AzureSubscription: To see the subscriptions you have access to
 Select-AzureSubscription: To connect to a different Subscription
• You can also view and manger SQL Servers and Databases using PowerShell command lets, you may use Get-Help Azure to see all commands available



Edit 2/12/2016:

If Powershell is opened directly, Azure module can be loaded using Import-Module Azure/

 Import-Module Azure 


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