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SQL Snapshot vs Backup – When to choose snapshot over backup

SQL Server backup is my default backup strategy in all situations until yesterday, I never thought of snapshot backups which is definitely a wrong choice. In this blog, I would like to share when I will use snapshot backup in … Continue reading

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Find the Database where specific Procedure/table exists in a given SQL instance

This script is used to find the database in which a specific procedure or a table name exists. Few of my developers share just a procedure name or table name for analysis but it used to be hard to find … Continue reading

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SSIS Expressions – Date operations, Data Type conversions and more…

I had to use Derived Column Transformation Editor to split a datetime column into 2 parts one with Date only and another column only with Time. I had to invest some time to get the simple solution as follows… There … Continue reading

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Querying oracle database for the first time

I have been using SQL for a decade but I never had to connect Oracle database till last week! So, even basics are like learning for me! • Oracle SQL Developer is the tool similar to SSMS you can download … Continue reading

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