LearnPowerShell 01 – Basics for first time PowerShell users

PowerShell is expected to be installed on your Windows-7/ Windows-8 machine by default. If not already installed, use instructions at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh847837.aspx to install PowerShell.

How to Open (Powershell/ Powershell ISE):
Run Powershell / Powershell_ISE commands to start using PowerShell




• PowerShell is typical SHELL like UNIX, PowerShell ISE includes PowerShell Script editor including multiple features.
○ PowerShell ISE is not visible in Windows-8 by default, you can follow these steps to enable it .
• There is no difference in the results while executing in PowerShell Command or PowerShell_ISE or by running it in a batch file

• PowerShell can be launched in non-elevated access or with Admin privileges.
• To Launch PowerShell with Admin rights,
○ Right click on PowerShell Icon and open in Admin mode
○ Run the command: powershell Start-Process powershell -Verb runAs

NOTE: it is recommended to use with non-elevated access



• cmdlets are lightweight commands used in PowerShell. cmdlets perform an action and typically return a Microsoft .NET Framework object to the next command in the pipeline or display output.
• Most of cmdlets are of type Get, Set, Add, Remove, Format!
• Sample cmdlet to start with: Run Command in PowerShell.

Top 3 cmdlets I recommend to research:
• Get-Help
○ Execute to learn how to use Get-Help, different parameters you can pass. This helps you to understand different cmdlets available in PowerShell.
• Get-Command: Helps to find all cmdlets available. Refine your search with different parameters
○ get-command -Verb get
○ get-command -noun process
○ Get-Command -Verb get -Noun *ip*
• Get-Childitem
○ Get-Childitem -Recurse

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