Easy way to find DBAMP Errors from the Log (sf_replicate, sf_refresh, sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll Errors)

Typically sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll procedures log all activities in DBAmp_Log table on the same database. Now the challenge is… I see about 1200 records in the table for each execution of sf_refreshAll! It takes long to find the actual error!

Simple SQL Script is created to find all errors in last 7 days; This helps me to find the error quickly…

SQL Query:

-- 1. Find all the tables which are impacted and errors using below query
-- Find all errors in DBAMP Log for last 1 week -- Refresh
-- NOTE: Run the query on the database where DBAMP is installed

select Log2.* from DBAmp_Log Log1
join DBAmp_Log Log2 on Log2.SPName=Log1.SPName and datepart(dd, Log1.Logtime ) = datepart(dd, Log2.Logtime )
where Log1.Status  not in  ('Successful', 'Message', 'Starting') --= 'Failed'
and Log1.Logtime > dateadd(dd,-7,getdate())
order by Log2.LogTime desc 


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