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Foreign key reference for 1 to 1 relationship in SQL

Recently we had a situation to design one to one relationship between 2 tables. One of our developer confused, need to create a quick demo to explain the design. Primary Table can be created with ID as identify and the … Continue reading

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Frequently used Windows Operating System commands

Different commands in windows operating system I user frequently • How to find the Serial Number of Laptop/ Server/ System • Check who logged in remote Server and kill other user sessions • Search for some text in file: • … Continue reading

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SSIS Error, Solution: This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found

Typically SSIS will throw this error if a connection used by SSIS package is either deleted or renamed. Most of the time it will be a human error, when we copy SSIS package and modify the package, renaming and deleting … Continue reading

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Manually adding new column into Flat File Connection Manager and column order

Flat File connection Manager can be manually modified to add a new column or remove existing columns, there is no need to Rest Columns which removes the customization done on existing columns. Be careful and make sure to insert new … Continue reading

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