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COZYROC to connect Salesforce from SSIS provides SSIS Library to interact with multiple 3rd party services including Salesforce. I have implemented POC to pull data from Salesforce using COZYROC Connector! Here are the step by step information to pull data from Salesforce Object… • Installation: … Continue reading

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Common uses of IDENTITY in SQL

In recent project I have used Identity column significantly, would like to write a small blog as quick reference: • Syntax: create table myTable(id int identity(1,1), name varchar(60)) • Seed and Increment value can be negative, default value of Seed … Continue reading

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Excel conditional formatting to highlight the difference between 2 data sets

I had a situation to provide differences between 2 data sets with most readable format to business, based on existing data and differences business will make a decision on next course of action. After multiple different experiments, I have provided … Continue reading

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