COZYROC to connect Salesforce from SSIS provides SSIS Library to interact with multiple 3rd party services including Salesforce. I have implemented POC to pull data from Salesforce using COZYROC Connector!

Here are the step by step information to pull data from Salesforce Object…

• Installation: You may use Trail version or purchase the software depending on the requirement. For this Demo I have used Licensed version…
• Create Connection Manager for Salesforce/ Your Org
o Initiate New Connection and select SFORCE and Add

• Enter Login and Password (NOTE: Password must include the Security Token)
o If you are configuring it for Test environment, change the Server URL at Advanced options
 You can try any of these URLs for test environment
• Click on Test Connection to confirm that the credentials are correct and working
• Create a Data Flow Task in Control Flow and select Salesforce Source
• DoubleClick Salesforce Source and select the Salesforce Connection which is just created on Connection Managers Tab
• Select Component Property tab and select Input Type as Object, Select the Object and add Object Filter
• NOTE: Object Filter is SOQL Query; 2015-08-12T07:01:41-00:00> Filters the rows which are updated after given date
o Make a note of the Syntax and Date format…
• For validating I am just passing the results to Derived Column component and enabled data viewer.
• Executed the job… Job completed successfully and I can see the data.


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