Visual Studio Code – What I liked!

Visual Studio Code is the new code editor from Microsoft. Following are few reasons why started using it and liking it!

* Cross Platform availablity: VS Code is available across Windows, Linux, and mac. This provides same experience using different OS
* Intellisense is rich and supports multiple languages – At leaast 45 different languages like SQL, Powershell, R, Dockerfile, C#, Python, Java Script.
* Version control is very helpful. I use github, I stopped using command line but depending on vscode now. Started using it for File comparison.
* Single place to manage almost all my text files. I started using VSCode for SQL, Powershell, BatchFiles, C# , Python and all other files.
* Debug features are very helpful
* Extensions are Abundant verify @
* Configuration: Too many features to configure, customize the way you like!

Other useful information:
* Key board shortcuts: (Windows)

Start using it, reference to start: @

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