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Maximum capacity specifications for SQL Server

Ever wonder what are the Maximum capacity specifications for SQL Server? Here you go:  

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SQL – AlwaysOn Availability Group synchronization delay troubleshooting

I learned detailed step by step performance metrics and xevents that can be used to troubleshoot  AlwaysOn Availability Group synchronization delay.   Some network configuration that can be updated to address network challenges:    

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Very Large Database in SQL Server – How is it different

Following are a few considerations while managing a very large database on Microsoft SQL Server. I am not recommencing any configuration as different configurations are good fit for different workloads and business requirements but these are the items that can … Continue reading

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SOLUTION – Write-EventLog : The source name X does not exist on computer “localhost”

While attempting to create a new event log using write-eventlog cmdlet you may hit this error if the Source is not already registered. New-EventLog can be used to add anew source, following is the example

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Capture ping results with time – ping test

This captures ping results along with time, adds to file and displays results on the window.

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SQL Job history – Getting end time from sysjobhistory

Run_date, run_time, run_duration are stored in int format in sysjobhistory table, not user friendly. For a quick solution I had to pull the history from last X hours. This simple TSQL helped to find end time of the step!

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