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Fix: SQL Server – using X logical processors based on SQL Server licensing, not using all processors

I had an experience where a server with 36 cores is using only 20 cores for SQL Server 2012. It was identified that Enterprise Edition is being used which limit SQL to use only 20 CPUs. Research indicates that the … Continue reading

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Search Windows Server patches using KBXXXX

Server using KB number to find the patch information and download link. Example:

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What is azure sql database elastic pool split instance problem

Azure sql database elastic pool split instance problem is a very rare phenomena which could impact resource usage metrics of elastic pool. In this post I will cover how resource metrics are impacted, sample monitor, example of an impact. How … Continue reading

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T-SQL to find High availability configuration of all databases in MSSQL Server

 TSQL to find list of all databases in MSSQL Server with Always-ON and mirroring configuration. #mssql#tsql #AlwaysOn #Mirroring #FailoverMode #HighAvailability

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Add-on storage (Max storage choices) for Azure SQL Elastic Pools/ Databases – Great cost saving opportunity

If you have been using Azure SQL Elastic pools or databases (Platform As A Service – PASS), I strongly recommend to check your workload and validate Max storage choices! What change: Traditionally Each Azure Database and elastic pool had fixed … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Code – What I liked!

Visual Studio Code is the new code editor from Microsoft. Following are few reasons why started using it and liking it! * Cross Platform availablity: VS Code is available across Windows, Linux, and mac. This provides same experience using different … Continue reading

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SQL Recursive CTE example

* Recursive CTE

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