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Common uses of IDENTITY in SQL

In recent project I have used Identity column significantly, would like to write a small blog as quick reference: • Syntax: create table myTable(id int identity(1,1), name varchar(60)) • Seed and Increment value can be negative, default value of Seed … Continue reading

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Quick File Compare tool (vim)

Yesterday, one of my developer modified huge script file but he used old version to modify. It was uphill task to understand the changes and correct it. I am not keen on any installations or add-in… vim (one of my … Continue reading

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SSIS – MERGE JOIN with OR condition

Do you know if there is any option to implement OR condition with Merge Join in SSIS? NO, there is no such option (Let me know if there is a way and I am not aware of it)! Recently I … Continue reading

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Easy way to find DBAMP Errors from the Log (sf_replicate, sf_refresh, sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll Errors)

Typically sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll procedures log all activities in DBAmp_Log table on the same database. Now the challenge is… I see about 1200 records in the table for each execution of sf_refreshAll! It takes long to find the actual error! Simple … Continue reading

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Report Data Pane is missing – Latest SQL Version – SystemInfo – Azure Infographics

Just want to share something interesting I have come across in last few weeks… ALT + CTRL + D is the shortcut to get the Report Data Pane back. At times you will not be able to see the shortcut! … Continue reading

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Microsoft Virtual Labs – TechNet Virtual Labs

Microsoft Virtual labs are created and managed by Microsoft which can be used to test new products without installing. Most of the virtual labs are scenario based, you will be able to login into specific Server which has required product … Continue reading

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Knowledge share 2014-11

Traceflag 3226: In my production environment, we take transaction log backups every 10 minutes for all 40+ databases. There are thousands or Successful backup messages in my logs which is very annoying. SQL Server 2008 introduced traceflag 3226 to disable … Continue reading

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