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How to find Active connections in Windows/NLB/Server

I am trying to club independent requirements in this blog but I hope it will be handy! • NETSTAT Command: I use this command to identify network connections established between my Server/Machine to different Servers/Sites, netstat –nb is one of … Continue reading

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Extend Laptop display to Monitor but on different direction

I know most of you have been using this this feature but had to do more research for simple customization. In my work location I had to arrange my additional Monitor on left side. By default, My Windows-7 Laptop assumes … Continue reading

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Session reset – Log off other user on remote server

It is always a good practice to log-off session from remote server after completing the work. At times users miss to log off their session from Windows remote server not allowing other users to login into the Server. You may … Continue reading

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Network Command utilities – ipconfig arp route ping tracert netstat nslookup

Listing frequently used Network command line utilities • Ipconfig o Used to view TCP/IP configuration o Example: IPconfig o Example: IPconfig /all o ipconfig /flushdns <> o ipconfig /renew << • ARP o View and manage the ARP cache (Address … Continue reading

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