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SQL – AlwaysOn Availability Group synchronization delay troubleshooting

I learned detailed step by step performance metrics and xevents that can be used to troubleshoot  AlwaysOn Availability Group synchronization delay.   Some network configuration that can be updated to address network challenges:    

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Visual Studio Code – What I liked!

Visual Studio Code is the new code editor from Microsoft. Following are few reasons why started using it and liking it! * Cross Platform availablity: VS Code is available across Windows, Linux, and mac. This provides same experience using different … Continue reading

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Azure Database pricing tier selection

Azuer provides multiple Servie level options to choose for your database(s)s depending on number of databases/ Size/ CPU/ Number of Sessions/ Number of Connections to the database. As the number of database you want to host increases you have more … Continue reading

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Execute As in SQL (Similar to Runas in Windows context)

When we need to execute any SQL statement with other user context we have to use EXECUTE AS statement to impersonate other user access. Impersonation can be done as different login or different user.This is similar to RunAs in windows … Continue reading

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Fix: DBAMP Error: MALFORMED_QUERY: Implementation restriction: CollaborationGroupRecord requires a filter by a single Id, CollaborationGroupId or RecordId using the equals operator

Actual problem is the procedure fails to pull CollaborationGroupRecord table data due to api restrictions. You need to exclude the table from sf_replicateAll and/or sf_RefreshAll procedures as a resolution. Fix: Add below 2 lines of code next to < if … Continue reading

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Report Data Pane is missing – Latest SQL Version – SystemInfo – Azure Infographics

Just want to share something interesting I have come across in last few weeks… ALT + CTRL + D is the shortcut to get the Report Data Pane back. At times you will not be able to see the shortcut! … Continue reading

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SSIS Expressions – Date operations, Data Type conversions and more…

I had to use Derived Column Transformation Editor to split a datetime column into 2 parts one with Date only and another column only with Time. I had to invest some time to get the simple solution as follows… There … Continue reading

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