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Fastest way to fix MSSQL Database with Suspect mode

I had a situation where multiple databases (50+ Databases) changed to Suspect mode. Simple solution: (assume the DBs are in Server-A, Availability group and Server-B is configured as secondary server) * Fail over the availability group to Server-B * Resume … Continue reading

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Error Creating Availability Group – Error: 41042 (Fixed)

While Building 50 Servers with 10 AG Groups in each Server we had to uninstall SQL and re-install again to address one of the server configuration issue. While re-installing we had challenges creating the availability group. Final solution is to … Continue reading

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SSIS Error, Solution: This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found

Typically SSIS will throw this error if a connection used by SSIS package is either deleted or renamed. Most of the time it will be a human error, when we copy SSIS package and modify the package, renaming and deleting … Continue reading

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SSIS Error and resolution: 0x80004005, Invalid character value for cast specification

In one of the SSIS packages while reads data from FlatFile and pushes into SQL, I received a strange error Invalid character value for cast specification. The solution is tricky, I had to change RetainNulls Property to True at FlatFile … Continue reading

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How to truncate text string in SSIS

I was working on a solution to read table data from .csv file and push into a SQL table. I started receiving error when one of the Column text had 8000+ characters. I just need to push only 1000 characters … Continue reading

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Fix: DBAMP Error: MALFORMED_QUERY: Implementation restriction: CollaborationGroupRecord requires a filter by a single Id, CollaborationGroupId or RecordId using the equals operator

Actual problem is the procedure fails to pull CollaborationGroupRecord table data due to api restrictions. You need to exclude the table from sf_replicateAll and/or sf_RefreshAll procedures as a resolution. Fix: Add below 2 lines of code next to < if … Continue reading

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Fix – SSIS to Oracle connectivity issue during run time (Error code: 0x8007007E/0xC0202009)

SSIS package started failing when I execute the package though all validations are successful. The failure was related to oracle connection failure. Fix: I had to change the package to Execute in 32 bit to fix the connectivity failure. Change … Continue reading

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