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Very Large Database in SQL Server – How is it different

Following are a few considerations while managing a very large database on Microsoft SQL Server. I am not recommencing any configuration as different configurations are good fit for different workloads and business requirements but these are the items that can … Continue reading

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T-SQL to find High availability configuration of all databases in MSSQL Server

 TSQL to find list of all databases in MSSQL Server with Always-ON and mirroring configuration. #mssql#tsql #AlwaysOn #Mirroring #FailoverMode #HighAvailability

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Address High CPU on SQL Server

Following are the guidelines to troubleshoot High CPU scenario in MSSQL Server and fix the problem. 1. Identify running SQL statements taking more CPU 2. Find sql_handle, using SQL handle find average execution time in ms, Number of executions, and … Continue reading

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