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SQL Query to find employees with X Consecutive A Grades

One of my friend (Satya) asked a very interesting interview question during the Lunch today. Question is to write a SQL Query to find the employees who received Grade ‘A’ for 3 consecutive years. Self-join is the simple answer to … Continue reading

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Example of Recursive Query using CTE – SQL Server

I would like to give a very simple example of recursion using CTE (Common Table Expression) As part of the demo, I will create a table with ID, EmployeeName, and ManagerID indicating org structure. Following CTE queries will fetch the … Continue reading

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SQL – Remove special Characters from string

I had a requirement to eliminate all the special characters except alphabets and numbers. The traditional way to handle it REPLACE( REPLACE( ‘#My &String’, ‘!’, ” ), ‘#’, ” ) was not helping as I need to list all possible … Continue reading

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