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COZYROC to connect Salesforce from SSIS

http://www.cozyroc.com/ provides SSIS Library to interact with multiple 3rd party services including Salesforce. I have implemented POC to pull data from Salesforce using COZYROC Connector! Here are the step by step information to pull data from Salesforce Object… • Installation: … Continue reading

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Easy way to find DBAMP Errors from the Log (sf_replicate, sf_refresh, sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll Errors)

Typically sf_replicateAll, sf_refreshAll procedures log all activities in DBAmp_Log table on the same database. Now the challenge is… I see about 1200 records in the table for each execution of sf_refreshAll! It takes long to find the actual error! Simple … Continue reading

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Fix: DBAMP Error: MALFORMED_QUERY: Implementation restriction: CollaborationGroupRecord requires a filter by a single Id, CollaborationGroupId or RecordId using the equals operator

Actual problem is the procedure fails to pull CollaborationGroupRecord table data due to api restrictions. You need to exclude the table from sf_replicateAll and/or sf_RefreshAll procedures as a resolution. Fix: Add below 2 lines of code next to < if … Continue reading

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Solution – Error: Could not retrieve initialization strings. Run DBAmp Configuration program and press OK on Options dialog.

SF_Replicate fails with below error: Error: Could not retrieve initialization strings. Run DBAmp Configuration program and press OK on Options dialog. NOTE: At times, you may encounter this error when you execute SF_RefreshAll with “Yes” option and when it tries … Continue reading

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Fixed – Error: Invalid Serial Number. Please contact forceAmp.com for a valid key.

I encountered this error while configuring DBAMP on one of the Production Server, had to work with Salesforce Support team to understand and fix the problem. Useful notes for reference: • What is the Error while importing data or testing … Continue reading

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