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Frequently used Azure powershell commands

Few of my frequently used powershell commands on Azure Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/search/search-manage-powershell

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Refine your search in outlook

After moving all alerts and typical less priority mail I receive 150 mails daily in my inbox. over the time it is very difficult to search a mail. All these years I have been using Outlook search only with keyword. … Continue reading

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Tip – Excel formula to convert Instance Name to Server Name

Below formula will give sub string preceding \

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Powershell script to search specific error on all log files in given servers

I have used this code to find specific activity failure during a critical process which is running across 25 different servers. this script also searches the log files which are created in last 5 days.

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SQL-dependency analysis-Identify impacted modules

I am sharing this script which will help during dependency analysis! One of the table needs to be updated in my database, I had to identity all the Views/ Functions/ Procedures along with the usage stats which will be impacted … Continue reading

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How to Search a Text/String in SQL Stored Procedure

Recently I found a problem with Symmetric Key, fixed it in one of the stored procedures. I had to find similar problem in all Stored Procedures in the database, had to search for a string all the Procedures. Following query … Continue reading

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