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SQL latest available patch reference

Best source for latest SQL Server patches: https://sqlserverbuilds.blogspot.com/ Ref 2: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff803383.aspx (Hotfix information is not updated) Option 3: https://sqlserverupdates.com/ Advertisements

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Availability Group Fail Over date/time – TSQL

I have been using this quick script to verify AG Status Change details from error log.

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Error Creating Availability Group – Error: 41042 (Fixed)

While Building 50 Servers with 10 AG Groups in each Server we had to uninstall SQL and re-install again to address one of the server configuration issue. While re-installing we had challenges creating the availability group. Final solution is to … Continue reading

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Interesting observation with DATETIMEOFFSET data type in SQL

Calculating daily max values of a table will be different if you are using/storing the data in DATETIMEOFFSET format. Basic difference is, while comparing the data between DATETIMEOFFSET and DATE (or DATETIME), DATETIMEOFFSET value will be converted to UTC and … Continue reading

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Most common challenges and solution with Availability group listener and multisubnetfailover

Industry started using SQL availability groups on most of their environments, DBA is coming across multiple issues related to AGListener connectivity. This blog explains 2 major challenges and solutions in detail: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/alwaysonpro/2014/06/03/connection-timeouts-in-multi-subnet-availability-group/ I recommend option-1 to enable client to use … Continue reading

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Search SQL Error Logs using TSQL – xp_readerrorlog

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Using Idera to investigate a problem during specific time

I had a situation to troubleshoot a performance problem on a server which occurred a few days back. Following is quick reference on how Idera can be used to drill down details. 1. Select History Icon and select the time … Continue reading

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