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How to operate multiple objects in SSMS (F7)

While working on a service restoration, we had to resume data movement on 100+ random databases. Generating TSQL is the best option but UI will be very quick and reliable. Biggest challenge with SSMS UI will be to perform the … Continue reading

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Frequently used MSSQL Commands


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Best practices being DEVOPS in IT

Index: MSSQL Index naming recommendations:   PK_ for primary keys UK_ for unique keys IX_ for non clustered non unique indexes UX_ for unique indexes <index or key type>_<table name>_<column 1>_<column 2>_<column n>  

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How to Point in time Restore Azure SQL Database after deleting the database

Azure SQL Database has feature to restore the database to point in time when the database is live. When we have to move the database to different Server we end up deleting the database from old server, we can not … Continue reading

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DBATools.IO – Powershell for SQL DBAs

DBATools.IO was one of the best things I started using in 2017 and I wanted to master this in 2018! https://dbatools.io/functions/ includes the list of all commands in dbatools module! Start using it if you have not started already.

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SQL Alwayson Preferred Node workaround, Fallback script

We have Always-On configured between Node-1, Node-2 with Auto Failover enabled. Unfortunately one minor functionality was partially impacted when AG is primary on Node-2. Business is very particular about not changing it to Manual Failover mode. End up creating a … Continue reading

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