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Blog: SSIS – Special Characters not processed while reading data from Text File – Fix

I had a scenario wherein special characters (ü) from text file were not imported properly into SQL Database. Fix is to change the code page from default one (1252) to 65001. New challenge is that destination is not compatible with … Continue reading

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COZYROC to connect Salesforce from SSIS

http://www.cozyroc.com/ provides SSIS Library to interact with multiple 3rd party services including Salesforce. I have implemented POC to pull data from Salesforce using COZYROC Connector! Here are the step by step information to pull data from Salesforce Object… • Installation: … Continue reading

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SSIS – MERGE JOIN with OR condition

Do you know if there is any option to implement OR condition with Merge Join in SSIS? NO, there is no such option (Let me know if there is a way and I am not aware of it)! Recently I … Continue reading

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Manually adding new column into Flat File Connection Manager and column order

Flat File connection Manager can be manually modified to add a new column or remove existing columns, there is no need to Rest Columns which removes the customization done on existing columns. Be careful and make sure to insert new … Continue reading

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SSIS Error and resolution: 0x80004005, Invalid character value for cast specification

In one of the SSIS packages while reads data from FlatFile and pushes into SQL, I received a strange error Invalid character value for cast specification. The solution is tricky, I had to change RetainNulls Property to True at FlatFile … Continue reading

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Fix SSIS Error while execution: System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file ‘PATH\Project.ispac’ because it is being used by another process.

Typically this error occurs when Visual Studio crashes while a package is running in debug mode! .ispac file will be locked by the debug process and does not allow you to execute SSIS package in Visaul Studio (in debug mode). … Continue reading

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How to truncate text string in SSIS

I was working on a solution to read table data from .csv file and push into a SQL table. I started receiving error when one of the Column text had 8000+ characters. I just need to push only 1000 characters … Continue reading

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