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Insert Stored Procedure results into a table

Basically we have 2 options to push Stored Procedure results. 1. If you do not know the schema and you may need to generate the schema during run time. NOTE: You may not be able to use above solution in … Continue reading

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How to Search a Text/String in SQL Stored Procedure

Recently I found a problem with Symmetric Key, fixed it in one of the stored procedures. I had to find similar problem in all Stored Procedures in the database, had to search for a string all the Procedures. Following query … Continue reading

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How to find all user created Stored Procedures in a database

My developer was looking for all stored procedures, I just used following simple query to find the results… but it included few non-user developed stored procedures I had to do some research to eliminate ms shipped and microsoft_database_tools_support type procedures. … Continue reading

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