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Knowledge share 2014-11

Traceflag 3226: In my production environment, we take transaction log backups every 10 minutes for all 40+ databases. There are thousands or Successful backup messages in my logs which is very annoying. SQL Server 2008 introduced traceflag 3226 to disable … Continue reading

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Multiple SQL Server Query results in single Result set

Often I have to run same query against multiple Servers for analysis and club all results for presentation. I come across simple option which allows to do it all in one go… • View Registered Servers (Ctrl+Alt+G) • Create new … Continue reading

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Extend Laptop display to Monitor but on different direction

I know most of you have been using this this feature but had to do more research for simple customization. In my work location I had to arrange my additional Monitor on left side. By default, My Windows-7 Laptop assumes … Continue reading

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Run query on multiple databases or tables sp_msforeachdb or sp_msforeachtable

I had been using sp_msforeachdb for long to search any object (table, column, Procedure, etc) on a given SQL instance. I come across similar SP sp_msforeachtable which can be used to run against all tables. Example:

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